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Comfort and modernity whilst respecting the environment

The Amiral Hotel is an eco-friendly, economic establishment aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of a night in a hotel with breakfast.


Offering precise information to our guests

The hotel displays information on water and energy consumption, the amount of waste and CO2 emitted and the percentage of organic and eco-friendly products used.

Eco-citizen actions

Respecting the environment is a priority for the hotel which aims to reduce the emission of CO2 for a night in a hotel with breakfast.

Our renovation work which was completed in 2012 combines comfort, modernity and sustainable development measures :

  • Toilets with double flush to reduce water consumption,
  • Installation of thermostatic mixing valves in each shower, class 1 taps,
  • Systematic use of eco-label and biodegradable cleaning products,
  • Individual soaps replaced by dispensers refilled daily with eco-friendly soap so as to reduce waste and packaging.


Hotel Amiral in Nantes
Hotel Amiral in Nantes
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